DCM-D / Automatic Dispenser

DCM-D can be used to fill all kinds of container such as glasses, jars, pots, moulds, etc.

Wax dispenser – basic model

  • The basic model has 5 nozzles with a 85 mm. distance between them.
  • If a machine with another configurations is needed, we can easily make that
  • There are 3 sets of nozzles included with the machine ( opening ø2, ø4 and ø6 mm )
  • The choice of nozzles lets you find the best possible mix of speed, plashing, etc.
  • Also there are 5 plugs, which enables you to use only some of the nozzles ( f. ex. 1, 3 and 5 )
  • This can be useful if the containers for a specific order have a larger diameter than the distance between the nozzles.

Changing nozzles / plugs takes less than 5 minutes

The vertical distance between nozzles and conveyor is adjustable from 0 to ~300 mm. The adjustment is simply done by turning a wheel on top of the machine.

The nozzles are fixed in an aluminium bar. This bar is heated and controlled by thermostat. This to make sure that the temperature of the nozzles is high enough to prevent blocking.

Inside the machine´s main chamber there is a heating element. This should only be used to remelt the wax inside the machine, in case there has been a power faliure, causing the wax to get solid.

The wax is pumped from a tank through the machine and back into the tank. This keeps the level ( pressure on the valves ) constant. It also keeps the temperature constant and keeps dyes or scents mixed.

The flow through the pump is adjustable

The position of the containers is contolled by a sensor. The sensor’s position ( horizontally and vertically ) is adjustable to make the containers stop in the right position for filling.

The sensor is also adjustable in sensitivity in order to catch signals from different colours, surfaces, distances, etc.

The amount of the filling is set by a timer. This is very precise and so is the amount from the nozzles compared to each other. If there is a difference between the amounts from the nozzles, each nozzle can be adjusted separately.

After use, the machine is drained via a valve at the bottom of the dispenser.

The standard machine comes with a 0,5×5 m. conveyor. If you already have the conveyor, we can make the machine to fit it. For machines made with a bigger distance between the nozzles, we will find a conveyor with the right width.

The tank is chosen separately, depending on the quantity you need for the specific production. Changing tanks is easy and will take 5-10 minutes. You can use almost any tank size with the machine.