karpaaordreBesides the tanks usually in stock, we also make wax melting tanks according to the customer´s requirements. There are basicly no limits regarding dimensions nor combinations when it comes to wax melters.

Wax melters from Danish Candle Machinery

Danish Candle Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of wax melters. Equipment for wax melting supplied by us is of the highest quality and can handle long term use. We have a broad range of wax melters and you are more than welcome to call us on +45 97 94 81 77 for a chat about wax melting or if you have any questions about our wax melters.

Wax melting – a few examples

A few examples of our wax melters are shown below. If you need a tank for wax melting with specific dimensions, we are always ready to provide good offer for a wax melter.

karpaaordre20142.000 liter wax melting tank.
Sloped bottom with drain at the deepest point.
2 pump brackets and one bracket for a mixer.


karpaaordre2014_21100 liter wax melting tank.


karpaaordre2014_3Tank with 4 compartments holding 18 liters and 2 holding 39 liters.


karpaaordre2Tank with 4 seperate compartments.
Each compartment holding 120 litres.
Heated via water.


karpaaordre3Tank with 15 seperate compartments.
10 compartments holding 18 litres, 5 holding 38 litres.
Heated via water.


karpaaordre4Tank with 15 seperate compartments.
Each compartment holding 18 litres.
Heated via water.


karpaaordre5Tank with 4 fixed compartments.
Each compartment holds 50 litres and has seperate drain.
Heated via water or thermo oil.


9x21-cTank with 9 compartments, each holds 21 litres


Zarelo-113.000 liter melting tank


Bekro-2Bekro-3Tank with two compartments each holding 75 liters
Separate drains.


Funder1 Funder2Tank with 9 compartments holding 66 liters + 18 compartments holding 33 liters
sama-13sama-2sama-143360 liter Special Tank for other industry.